Variera panels on a Hemnes nightstand

Materials: RATIONELL VARIERA shelf insert, HEMNES nightstand, L brackets, spray paint

Description: We had a couple of old ice-cube table lamps from IKEA that didn’t fit the style of our new bedroom, so I was looking to make something that would allow me to hide them, i.e. some kind of lampshade.

It turns out that the VARIERA shelf insert matches perfectly with the height of the shelf of the HEMNES nightstand. As perfectly as if someone measured them to fit into each other. The VARIERA can actually be jammed upright on the shelf of the HEMNES, creating a panel. To make it even steadier, I attached L brackets at the bottom part of the VARIERA. I used some of the shortest screws that come with the shelf, so they barely stick out on the outer surface.

I spray-painted the panels black to match the nightstand, and just jammed them in place. Now the panels hide the ice-cube lamps, baby monitor, phone charger and all their cords and the nightstands look much nicer, especially with the light on.

~ Annie, Greece