Ikea Desert Garden

Materials: Ikea Cabinet, Hanger rod, lamp

Description: I started to make this pallet garden here in Dubai with my wife few months back. As some parts I am still unsure what top put (as I am too concerned with the plants I am placing) our neighbor gave us their old Ikea polycarbonate cabinet that has been with them since 2007. The polycarbonate backing was already removed from the carcass. I began to “weave” the polycarbonate backing to my 2 x 2 wood pergola battens. It serves now as a roof to my garden, giving sufficient shade to my flowers but still has translucent light when covered.

When we transferred from a flat to this spacious villa we set aside these white Ikea bracket hanger’s for our laundry. We are now using it as plant hangers

We used the cabinet as plant hangers and an area to put some gardening stuff.

~ Marcus Isip, Dubai

Jules Yap