Stolmen for shoes and coats

Materials: Stolmen poles, random shelves, extra Stolmen mounting fixtures

Description: We needed a place to put our shoes, coats and other outdoor necessities. Since all our walls in our small hallway are occupied with doors, we had troubles finding that solution in any store.

So this is what we did:

We went to Ikea to bought two Stolmen poles and a package of extra mounting fixtures from the same Stolmen series. Then we went to Bauhaus to buy four shelves that can stand dirt and scratches (Ikea has some too but in the wrong sizes for our hallway).

At home, we drilled two holes in each shelf (you need a wide drill or even better, an adjustable drill that can be found in most hardware stores) and put the Stolmen pole through them. Then we used one Stolmen mounting fixture under and one above each hole to stabilize it to the pole.

At last, we put some hook (found in hardware store) under the top shelf.

~ Patrik P, Helsingborg, Sweden