Besta Light box

Materials: Besta units with glass doors, LED strips, power suply, frost film, translucent printed graphics.

Assemble your Besta cabinets with glass doors per instructions.
Line the inside of the glass doors with a window frost film.
Have a local vinyl shop print some cool pics/graphics of your choice on clear vinyl.
Apply the graphics to the outside of the door glass.
Line the inside door frame (edge light) with flexible LED strip. Colored/RGB LED strips can be added if you want to get crazy.
Wire the LED strips in series to an appropriate power supply to match the requirements of your LED strips. A dimmer can be added to fine tune the light brightness. Be sure to secure any wiring so it’s clear of the hinges.

I printed many different graphics so that I can change out the image whenever I want.
The image pictured is a rainy night street scene. I’m an auto designer by trade, so it seemed to fit.
Flexible LED strips are easy to source online, and are fairly cheap.
The graphics being printing on a clear vinyl with the frost film backing makes the lighter colors pop, giving a light box type effect.

~ Jeff Transou, SoCal