Description: We are all about recycle, reuse, and re-purpose. Primarily because of our very little home renovation budget. We had an old Ikea book cabinet/TV stand from our first home. I had hung some curtains in it just to hide the mountains of mismatched textbooks. Then when tired of looking at it, we moved it to the garage for toilet paper and paper towel storage…(It was very sad) Finally I figured out a way to store the 50+ of wine left over from our wedding…Yay! Wine rack!(Heavy duty wine racks can cost $100+, to make this one the materials cost less than $30)

Here’s how we did it:

1) We cut 20-40 ft worth of wooden dowel or trim to the same dimensions of the shelves width.

2) We spaced the trim about 2 inches a part and using small nails hammered them to the shelves directly.

3) Using battery operated LED lights we attached them the bottom of each shelf.

4) Also to give it some style we used leftover wine crates from the wedding for additional storage at the bottom.


See more of the Billy bookshelf wine rack.

~ Tandra

Jules Yap