Double it! Malm console becomes a 10 people table

Foto0176 729813
Foto0176 729813
Closed – a console
Foto0175 734044
Opened – a dining table!

Materials: Malm console, long hinges

Description: If you need a long slim console table that becomes a larger table when you need it, you can follow these easy instructions:

– Buy 2 Malm console tables;
– Build the first one;

Foto0166 736897
Foto0174 740654
Malm%2Blarge%2Btable 743464

– Take the spare legs of the second Malm and join them with the legs of the already built up table, through the hinge screwed in on the long side;
– Screw both the hinges on the two legs by the same side
– Take the spare desk of the second Malm and join it to the already built up desk table, screwing up the hinge by the long side and on the same side of the other 2 hinges (legs’ ones)
– Done!
– When you need it, tip over both legs and table (180°) and you’ll have a much bigger table, able to let until 10 people sit comfortably!

Ciao 🙂

~ Chiara, Rome

Jules Yap