Grundtal magnetic towel rack

rsz 2013 07 13 095340 726581
rsz 2013 07 13 095340 726581

Materials: Grundtal bar, neodymium magnets

Description: My oven door handle does not have a large enough gap to hang a kitchen towel from, which is something that I grew accustomed to in my previous kitchen. This hack is a non permanent modification of our oven door using the Grundtal bar that remedies that problem.

I simply epoxied as many neodymium magnets as possible to the feet of the Grundtal bar, which turned out to be 5 per side. I then covered the surface of the magnets with paper so that they would not scratch the surface of the oven door.

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While I only use the bar for towels it is very strong and I think it could probably completely replace the handle all together.

~ Woodie Polk, Chicago

Jules Yap