Kitchen Cabinet Door becomes a Glittery Clock

Materials: ABSTRAKT high gloss door, hot pink glitter powder, rubber cement, restickable glue, clock hand kit

Description: This project would work with any Ikea cabinet door but I found a great ABSTRAKT door in glossy white in the as-is section for only $5 so that’s what I used. It had a couple of holes but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, print out a photo of a clock and cut out the shapes of the numbers.

Paste the page to the face of the door with restickable glue. Restickable glue essentially adheres like a post-it note and is easily removed.

Using rubber cement apply a thin, thin layer over the cut-out letters. Pour glitter powder over rubber cement.

Peel up paper and remove excess glitter (warning: this will take a while!)

Drill a hole through the centre of the clock and feed the clock mechanism through. Secure the hands. Add batteries to the clock power box and listen to your clock starting to tick!

If you like – or if you have holes in the panel door like me – add molding to the top of the panel. Paint molding to match clock (or whatever colour strikes your fancy!)

Add mounting hardware to the back of the panel and hang your clock.

Stand back and admire the pink awesomeness you’ve created!

For more details check out my “Ikea Hack, DIY Glitter Clock“.

~ Becky, Toronto, Ontario