Materials: Ikea Lack Side Table, Picture Hangers, Chalkboard Spray Paint

Description: Have an old Lack Side table sitting around and looking for a way to repurpose it? Or just looking for a creative way to fill up the space on your wall?

This a a really fast and cheap way to make a chalkboard for your room or office. First go to your local hardware store and ask them for Picture Hangers they come in a variety of sizes. I used the Medium sized one. They’re perfect, not too small not too big! You will need 3 of them (Place one in the middle and one on the right end and one on the left end).

Then your going to want to get your Chalkboard Spray Paint (You can find it at Hardware and Art Supply Stores). You are going to want to put 2 Coats allowing it to dry for 25 – 30 minutes in between coats. And then over night or 24h before you can start using it! Hope you enjoyed this easy IKEA hack.

~ Adan, Los Angles, CA