Materials: Ikea Lack Side Table, Picture Hangers, Chalkboard Spray Paint

Description: Have an old Lack Side table sitting around and looking for a way to repurpose it? Or just looking for a creative way to fill up the space on your wall?

This a a really fast and cheap way to make a chalkboard for your room or office. First go to your local hardware store and ask them for Picture Hangers they come in a variety of sizes. I used the Medium sized one. They’re perfect, not too small not too big! You will need 3 of them (Place one in the middle and one on the right end and one on the left end).

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Then your going to want to get your Chalkboard Spray Paint (You can find it at Hardware and Art Supply Stores). You are going to want to put 2 Coats allowing it to dry for 25 – 30 minutes in between coats. And then over night or 24h before you can start using it! Hope you enjoyed this easy IKEA hack.

~ Adan, Los Angles, CA

Jules Yap