Lack meets Mondrian

Materials: Lack shelves of various length, Dioder lights. table saw, 2-part epoxy, black sharpie pen for touch-up

Description: I wanted to add lighted display shelving to a wall of my family room but had some specific limits. It had to fit above the TV, low enough for the speaker, etc. I also wanted to add general room lighting in a way that would not cast glare on the TV screen.

Sketching out various arrangements of Lack shelves just looked chaotic until I connected them with verticals. Then they became this coherent linear composition like a Mondrian painting.

I used a table saw to notch the intersections and corners to get a smooth finish around the corners, epoxy to glue them all into a unit, and a black sharpie for any chips left by the saw.

What’s really amazing is how much stronger the Lack shelves are when connected this way. They can handle way more than the normal rated loads for these shelves.

~ Dan Nolte, Walnut