Power up your toys with SUNNAN

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: Some double wire, 2 or 4 flat ANP-connectors, Ikea SUNNAN LED-lamp, An electrical toy

Description: I always have a lot of stuff moving in the shop-window of my toy shop. To make it a bit lighter on battery consumption and better for the environment I use the IKEA SUNNAN to make toys solar-powered. The SUNNAN costs about 15euros in Holland and has a great solar battery charger with the batteries included.

Strip the last 5 mm from your wire and put the stripped wire in the flat ANP-connector. Crimp the connector on the wire with the crimper. Do the same for all four wire-ends (two wires * two ends). You will end up with a cable with two connectors on each side.

Pop out the solar module from the lamp and turn the module upside down. Put the connectors from one side of the cable in the slots in the bottom of the module (they should fit nicely).

Find a suitable toy and open the battery compartment. Find the begin and end connectors in the battery compartment (this are the connectors that are not connected to the battery next to it). Connect the cable to these connectors. Charge the solar module by putting it in the sun. Play!

(This module won’t work on all toys. There are 3 batteries inside from 1.2 volts each. That will give you 3.6 volts in total. Toys with electronics inside might need more or less.)

This Hack is easy and non destructive to both toys and SUNNAN.

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~ Kenyer

Jules Yap