Toddler crib gets an upgrade

Materials: SUNDVIK crib, 1.5mm plywood, 1″ square rod, 1.5″ screws, sand paper, paint, electric saw & drill

Description: Mark a long rectangle measurement on the plywood. (47.2″)120cm x (11.8″)30cm
Find the middle point on top @ (23.6″)60cm
Then on the height @ (5.9″) 15cm
Draw a “L” from middle top(60cm) to center and to the right.(15cm)
Use anything round object (saucer plate), mark at the corner and it’ll give you the curve.

Using electric saw, carefully cut out the shape.
Sand it all over, especially the top edge need to be very smooth because your toddler will be climbing up and down from there.

Cut out one (5.5″)14cm x (1″) 2.5cm square rod
And one measure at (11.8″) 30cm x 2.5cm square rod
Use 2 Screws to secure them them on each side according to the height of the cut out plywood. Of course, both aligned to the bottom edge.

Bring it to the crib and mark the existing screw hole on the side of the square rods.
Drill the hole across the square rods.
On the top of the IKEA existing screw hole, drill another hole few inches up. I just eye balled it around 1″ down from the top of the rod.

Paint it!

Install! Use the screws n bods you took off from the gate for the bottom holes.
Then use 1.5″ screw for the top hole you drilled to secure the new divider.

~ Yellow Ant, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia