Whitewashed FJELL Wardrobe with Pallet Shelves


Materials: FJELL wardrobe, gray wash, white paint, reclaimed pallet wood, drill, screws.

Description: My husband Mark and I knew we needed a wardrobe for our bedroom…and the FJELL seemed to fit the bill almost perfectly. We loved that it was made of solid wood, was well constructed, and very roomy. However, it’s style didn’t quite match our beachy bedroom decor.

Never fear: the IKEA hackers are here!


Our hacking included:

1) A gray wash to all of the wood pieces.
2) White dry brush technique against the grain to give it a weathered, rustic appearance.
3) Gray spray paint and white dry brush on all hardware.

4) We left out the fiberboard backing (since it wasn’t good looking or sturdy enough for our liking) and replaced it with reclaimed pallet boards.
5) Then, we added terraced shelves to the top portion of the wardrobe for more storage space.
6) We added reinforcement underneath the floor of the wardrobe with 2″ x 4″ chunks fastened in the middle.
7) For ambient lighting, we ran white lights behind the ledge that the door hinges attach to. Instant night light!

We’re in love with the finished look and hope you are, too! Feel free to drop by The Thinking Closet for loads more photos and details on how we hacked our way to beachy blissdom with our FJELL wardrobe revamp. Link here.

~ Lauren Lanker, Florida