Bend it like Beckväm


Materials: Beckväm spice rack, some old frames (or you could use the Söndrum frame)

Description: I needed some more shelf space and was inspired by these ones. Luckily I had some old frames found in junk shops or discarded. And then I stumbled across the Beckväm spice racks for only 4 Swiss francs each! I’m not an expert joiner so I was happy to let Ikea do most of the work for me….here’s how:

1. Paint your frames and remove any nails or bits and pieces on the back. The more ornate and wide the frame, the better in my opinion.

2. Lay them out on the floor and decide which way up you want them (portrait or landscape). Make a nice composition



3. Use the Beckväm spice racks to create L shaped supports behind the frame (see photo below). For a wider frame, you will need 4 spice racks, one for each corner and they may not meet in the middle. For smaller frames you will need to trim the horizontal piece of the spice rack.

4. For frames that are smaller that the Beckväm rack, you will need to cut the horizontal pieces and redrill the holes…use an offcut as a guide to drill the holes in the right place (see photo)

5. Screw the spice racks securely in place behind the frames

6. Make sure the metal hanging plates are the right way round…you may need to unscrew and rotate 180o

7. Hang on the wall. So far I have only fixed the shelves using the top 2 hanging points. For more security and depending on the weight of things you want to put on the shelves, you might want to fix with 4 hanging points

Happy hacking!

~ Sanna, Switzerland


Jules Yap