Built in Pax Wardrobes for Alcoves


Materials: Pax, Komplement clothes rail and drawers, MDF, 4×2,

Description: 1. Build a frame to fit your space using 4×2 timbers- think about how you’ll use your wardrobe and affix additional timbers to the sides for the runners you’ll need for your drawers, shoe racks, baskets etc.
2. Take an Ikea Komplement clothes rail and remove the end. Then, using a jigsaw, cut to size to fit the wardrobe and simply replace the end, then screw into place.
3. To re-size Komplement drawers, remove one end of the drawer (preferably on the side that will later end up hidden, i.e. against the wall) and slide out the base. Carefully measure, mark and then cut the base down to size, then slot back into place. To re-fit the end, you’ll need to drill 2 holes- one in the front panel of the drawer and one in the back panel- and then screw the side into place.





4. Affix drawer runners to the side timbers of your new wardrobe frame and slot the drawers into place.
5. Cut an MDF sheet to size to fit the exposed side of the frame.
6. Cut an MDF sheet to size to fit the ‘roof’, then use a router to make neat holes for air circulation, lower into place on top of the timber frame
7. Cut MDF sheets for the doors and if you want some detailing, use thin MDF pieces to create a panelled effect- glue and pin to the doors.
8. Use some attractive hinges to fit the doors to the frame.
9. Prime and paint the wardrobe, then attach door handles.
10. Stand back and admire!

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~ Lucy


Jules Yap