Materials: Oppli, Billy backside, speaker fabric, glue, magnetic catch,

Description: I decided to do something about the looks of my Oppli when I had bought my new reciever. I saw this earlier hackhttps://ikeahackers.net/2010/08/contemporary-concealed-entertainment.htmland thought I could do something similar.

I visited Ikea and bought a thin mdf-board from the bargain corner, possibly a backside of a billy. I also bought four black boxes to hide away cables and other stuff.

Together with speaker fabric and magnetic catch I were ready to start hacking.


The width of the mdf-board were just about right so I only had to cut the doors at the right height. In the big one in the middle I cut out a hole and left 2 cm as a frame. With a glue gun I attached the fabric to the doors and fitted the magnetic catch to hold it in place.

I’m quite satisfied with the result, a nice clean front and still be able to see the receiver.

Bonus points for those who can tell the correct number of IKEA items in the picture, I count 18…

Happy hacking!

~ Johannes, Sweden