Dog Hack — Side Table converted Dog Bed


Materials: Ikea side table LACK (brown black), 3/4in thick MDF board, screws, white spray paint can (3), wood glue, decorative solid wood table “feet”, and felt

Description: 1). Measure how high you would like to keep the legs (converted bed posts) of the table. I decided on 12in for the back two where the headboard would sit and 6in for the front two.

2). Flip table upside down and trim down accordingly. You will notice the legs are hollow. Later you will fill that in.

3). Measure the width between each leg and cut two pieces of MDF board to size. You will also need to cut square pieces to fill the hollow legs.

4). This is the creative part… You may choose how you would like your headboard and foot board to look. Once decided upon cut those pieces to size. Notice for the foot board I opted to create an opening for easy entry for my dog.




5). Sand the edges of all pieces before mounting.

6). Mount the pieces with wood glue first. Then use screws to secure.

7). Now, with wood glue fill in the hollow legs with the pre cut wood pieces from Step 3.

8). This bed needs feet! Screw the decorative “feet” you bought. Then with the sticky felt, peel and stick to each foot.

10). Almost done. Bring out the paint and spray away. Viola!

Last, you will need to shop for a dog bed cushion. I opted for a Pillow type cushion that I snugged into the space. You can also make one or use a large comforter. The options are endless!

~ Karina Gonzalez, Orlando, FL