Hacker help: Pax vs Communications


Materials: Pax Wardrobes

Description: I need advice from some Pax owners! I’m looking at putting a Pax Wardrobe system in our new closet. Problem is, the back wall has panels and boxes for communications. Once the Internet is connected, the area won’t really need to be accessible often, but it will need to be vaguely accessible, perhaps with a bit of work.

I’m definitely configuring the Pax width so the pieces meet between the large panel and the power outlet. To make the panels reachable:

Do you think i need to meticulously cut out the shape of each box?
Could I get away with hacking off the whole bottom section of the cabinet back? (Provided I attach the wardrobe to studs in the wall?)
How easy is it to cut, and with what tool?

Thanks in advance for the help. I’ve cut a hole in the back of a Billy Bookcase before to make a power outlet accessible.. I made quite a mess of it.

~ Jen, Texas


Jules Yap