L-Shaped Standing & Sitting Desk Combo


Materials: Expedit, Gerton, Vika Byske

Description: Shopping List: (all part numbers take from Canadian IKEA store) – 1 x Gerton table 501.067.73 – 1 x Gerton table 901.067.71 – 3 x Vika Byske Legs 846.090.85 – 1 x 4×2 Expedit 101.030.88 – 1 x 2×2 Expedit 601.352.99 – 1 x Capita legs set 200.495.38 (I used the 8″ model) (You can easily substitute the Gerton table tops for other models to reduce total cost of the hack) Step 1: Assemble a 2×2 and 4×2 Expedit and lay them down side-by-side Step 2: Fix 2 Vika Byske legs and 2 Capita legs on the larger Gerton table top and have the Capita legs rest on the top of the 4×2 Expedit (I secured those legs with small plastic shelf supports as shown on the picture). You got yourself a standing desk!


Continuing for the sitting Desk …

Step 3: Fix the remaining Vika Byske leg on one end of the smaller Gerton table top

Step 4: Screw in a piece of wood on the side of the 2×2 Expeit where the other end of the table top will rest. Adjust the height to have to top of the table at slightly above 29in from the floor.

Step 5: Screw in the Gerton table top on that peice of wood using the brackets that come with the Vika Byske leg.

~ Bruno Morency, Montreal, QC


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