Mod Podge Magic: Malm Dresser

2013-06-22 13.47.13-779990

Materials: 1 Malm Dresser

Description: I had a Malm Dresser my parents bought me when I was in college. However, when I moved to another state and started a new job, I wanted a new look to my apartment.

Here’s what I did!

1) First, I sanded down the dresser, primed, and painted it with “Sorbet Apple” green paint.

2) Next, I used Mod Podge to attach this funky hot pink and orange fabric to the drawers.

3) Finally, I used E600 glue to attach these cool Ring-pop candy looking knobs to the face of the drawers for a decorative element.

Although I had some difficulties trying to figure out how to attach the knobs, I am overall happy with this cheery addition to my bedroom!

See more of the mod podge dresser.

~ Christal

Jules Yap