NUMERÄR double hack


Materials: NUMERÄR countertop + natural cork legs

Description: A few months ago, we decided that we needed a new fresh look in our kitchen. After some research, choosing Ikea seemed the best option. Our biggest doubt and concern were the countertops: stone is durable and moist resistant, but also more expensive and heavy. So, we chose NUMERÄR countertops.

We have a pretty big kitchen for an apartment, and we basically wanted to keep the same disposition of the furniture. The problem is that, sooner or later, you will find a corner where you can’t fit any of the standard size Ikea kitchen cabinets. That’s exactly what happened on the corner near the stove. The solution for us was to use the surplus of the NUMERÄR countertop: with a saw, some screws and a couple of Faktum feet, we made an open cabinet that fits perfectly with all the rest.


Rationality was in mind for our kitchen island too: with a surplus of a NUMERÄR countertop and some custom made natural cork legs, we made an elevated deck for our island. This helps to keep small things more reachable, and also hides the electric wires for the coffee machine, electric jar, etc.

We chose cork legs instead of some other material because of the natural look. And it matches the placemats and the dish washing machine, in case you didn’t notice.
Hope you like it!

~ Paulo Lima, Portugal