Open and close RIBBA earrings holder/organizer

Materials: 1 (4cm deep) RIBBA frame, your choice of size, same size paper colored to your liking (or paint), sewing elastic band (please read step 4), double sided mirror mounting tape, paper or paint to cover wooden inner surface of frame, 1 hinge, 1 screw for wall attaching, screws for attaching hinge to frame, a stapler

Description: 1) Remove the glass and the back piece from the frame. Paint inner surface of the frame as this will be visible in the final product. I had some spare black paint, but with some patience and precision you could cover it with glued on pieces of colored paper/cardboard.


2) Screw the hinge on the frame, I used a hinge I already had and this was the only way the hinge would allow for the frame to be tilted upwards when hanging on the wall. (To make the hinge less visible in the end I placed the frame rather high on the wall)

3) Paint or cover the back piece from the frame in paper. I wanted the background black and used a piece of thick paper I found. Needless to say you can use any color you like.

4) Now staple one end of the elastic band to the back of the back piece. Wrap the elastic around as much as you like, making sure you cover up where the staple-thingies might have gone through. Staple the end of the elastic band, preferably to that thing that would normally hold the frame when standing, in order to avoid visible ‘pop throughs’.
Make sure your stud earring can penetrate the elastic band you buy! I had two different kinds but only a small piece that my studs would go through so I used this at the bottom.

5) Attach the frame – still without glass – on your wall

6) Put a couple of pieces of the double sided tape on the ‘frame holder’. With a little help from a friend attach the entire back piece to the wall making sure it fits inside the frame. Once you press the piece to the wall it won’t come off without a fight! – so have patience when doing the fitting before the tape attaches.

7) Carefully put the glass back in the frame.

I’m still working on attaching a chopstick or the like for holding the cabinet open.

Hang your earrings and enjoy 🙂

~ Nina, Denmark


Jules Yap