Quick Expedit Standing Desk

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Materials: Expedit Workstation, 2 Adils Legs

Description: All I did was attach the Expedit desk one shelf higher and purchase two Adils legs, had them cut to size, and screwed these in place of the tiny feet that attach to the base of the Expedit desk to make up for the difference (Using all-thread studs).

First, we measured the distance between the bottom of the desk and the floor if we mounted the desk to the higher cubby hole. The gap was 14.25″.

41.5″ (New desk height) minus the length of vertical desk piece (27.25″) = 14.25″. We accounted for adding a non-slip pad to the bottom, so we had the legs cut to 14.15″.

Assemble both your Expedit 4×4 shelf unit per usual instructions. Assemble desk per usual instructions, but disregard the final step which says to screw some tiny feet into the base of the desk. Instead, attach Adils legs with the part that usually sits on the floor connected to the desk. The rough edge from cutting will rest on a small pad on the carpet.

Don’t have a lot of time to make this post more detailed, I just thought it was an incredibly easy way to make a standing desk.

~ Erin, Logan, Utah