Thor’s Sliding Doors


Materials: Malm Occasional Table, Ingamaj Panel, Kvartal Triple Rails x2, Kvartal Top and Bottom hangers x3, KVARTAL Miter Box and Saw, Scotch Heavy Duty Fasteners x 2

Description: Fairly simple hack.

I cut both triple frames down to size and left roughly 1/2 inch space on either side. I put the caps on the rough edges so the seam in the middle would be crisp and clean.

I tried to use the Kvartal ceiling hangers but the underside of the Malm wouldn’t hold a screw. I happened to have two sets of Scotch wall fasteners so I gave them a try and am quite happy with the result.


The ceiling hangers would have dropped everything down an inch and created an odd gap. One point of warning – these fasteners are not kidding around, they are very strong.

I cut the panels to measure after the rails were up and tried to line up the check pattern as best I could. The top and bottom hangers come with connectors that allow the panels to slide back and forth together – I didn’t use them. I did use the stoppers so the panels will not slide too far, creating gaps in the middle.

This hack is version 2.0. The previous version was using plastic lattice and hooks to keep it in place. The previous version was more secure and harder to jailbreak. However, we only use it for sleeping and our guy is older now and quite happy to go to bed and sleep in.

~ Sarie