Torsby into a Standing Desk

Materials: Torsby Table, Aluminum Jacks, Spray Paint,Spray Primer, PVC Pipes(2″dia), Washers, 3/4″ nuts, sharpie, sandpaper, hack saw, gloves, face mask, monitor mounts(optional), tarp or box.

Description: Start out with a set up Torsby desk/table already set up. (I have the largest sized one.)

Then mark your PVC pipe and cut 4 – 4″ long pieces with the hack saw. We wanted to make sure that my desk couldn’t be pushed off of the stands which is why we used the PVC pipe portion.

Sand off all of the raw pieces, and put them in a box or on a tarp so you can prime and spray paint them according to the directions on the can wearing gloves and a face mask if you are into that. (I used Kyrlon’s Metallic Brilliant in Silver and a Krylon white Primer)


We placed the extra washers on top of each jack and put them in place where we wanted them. Then placed the spray painted PVC portions on top of that.

This way they will keep my desk legs from being pushed off of the small circle.

Clean off your desk and unplug the craziness of wires and cables.

Move desk over and place on the Jacks with the PVC pipe portions, then adjust to whichever height you want.

We then mounted two of my monitors and raised the desk to the height that felt best.

Then place the 4 extra 3/4″ nuts on the bottom portion of the screws to really secure it all once it is where you like it.

It cost us a total of $50 for all of the supplies which included the Aluminum jacks, spray paint, primer, washers, and PVC pipe. We had all of the other supplies but still way cheaper than most of the other ideas we could find.

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~ Jessica W, Huntsville, AL

Jules Yap