A new place for an old record-player


Materials: Expedit, Lekman, Capita legs

Description: My father had made with his own hands this old record-player many years ago and he still has some LPs (some of them with fairytales that we used to listen to during the 80s). The problem now is that we haven’t a right place to put the old record-player on, also because it has strange dimensions (for an LP-player nowadays).

So I went to an Ikea-store and, after searching among all the furniture (measuring BESTAs, BORGSJOs, ecc..), I opted for a white EXPEDIT single cube (€12,99) with a LEKMAN container (€9,99). The LEKMAN’s dimension (33x33x37) permits to store correctly the LPs, while the EXPEDIT’s dimensions permits to support perfectly our record-player.

And now the hack: it’s nothing so original but I needed to elevate the EXPEDIT cube and couldn’t attach it to the wall; so I bought the CAPITA legs (€8) that are meant for the kitchen FAKTUM serie, and used them at the bottom of the EXPEDIT.

In the photo you can see the result: my parents are very happy to be able to use again the old LP-player.

Bye from Italy!
Andrea, Milano