Banner for a birthday party


Materials: SKÖTSEL coaster

Description: My three year old requested a pirate themed birthday bash, but as he is only three I did not think that a lot of scull and bones were the right way to go.

So I decided to incorporate a lot of color with paper lantern and such. On a visit to Ikea I saw the SKÖTSEL coaster and an idea was born.

I printed out letters, placed them on top of the coaster and traced through, and then filled in the letter with a permanent marker. I cut some canvas into flags and then after cutting a hole on the Skötsel, tied the two together.

Starred Photos195

Outcome – Birthday banner 🙂

I also cut up the MARIT table runner to make an up an “island”, using the DITTE fabric as the “sea”. REKO glasses were decorated with tabe 😉

See more of the coaster banner.

~ Soffia Gardarsdottir, Iceland