Bed Frame with Lots of Storage


Materials: 2 Malm 6-Drawer Dressers, 2 Malm 2-drawer chests, two boxes built out of MDF measuring 16x9x19 inches, 1 Sultan Luroy Bed Slats (Full size), 1 Full size mattress

Description: My girlfriend recently moved into a New York City apartment, and our bedroom is very small. There is no closet, and our spacing options were limited because of a radiator, the entrance, and a door to the bathroom. We both needed chests of drawers and night stands, but didn’t want to sacrifice all of our free space. This is what we came up with to save space – we turned our dressers and night stands into our bed frame. By maximizing our space vertically, we now easily fit all of our stuf f into our bedroom, and also have a very comfortable sleeping arrangement. Plus, we also have a storage space under the mattress between the chests of drawers. Aside from the little hop that it takes to get into bed, this is the ideal set up.



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The combined length of a malm 6-drawer dresser, lined up with a malm 2-drawer chest matches perfectly with the length of a full size mattress. Just build the box out of MDF to the dimensions specified above (to lift up the 2-drawer chest to the height of the dresser) and you’re more than half way there.

Lay the slats across the dressers so that the space in the middle is covered. They lay your mattress over the slats. I bolted some of the slats (every third one)down to the dresser so they would not slide around

Screw it all together. The dressers to the MDF boxes, and the dressers to the night stands.

I built a head board and attached it too, but this is a different project and doesn’t involve ikea products. Still, if this is something you are interested in, you should bolt it down under the slats.

~ Michael, New York City