George ‘ikea’ Nelson shelving


Materials: STOLMEN SHELF W110XD50, STOLMEN W55XD50,STOLMEN Cabinet w/2 doors W11xD45, HEKTAR wall spotlight, EKBY JARPEN shelf, EKBY BJARNUM bracket, EKBY RISET bracket for sloping wall,

Description: This inspiration came from Mid-Century modern design and architecture scene from its early years by George Nelson. This CSS shelving unit is still up to now most wanted unit because of its functionality and appealing look in today’s new home modern design.

Now, to start, first I cut the Upright shelving unit into half by hacksaw and filing it sharp edges then, you have to make a two hole 1/4″ inch close to the edge to make way to attach a small bracket that you’re going to attach to the wall. This will serve as a strong foundation in putting the IKEA EKBY JARPEN shelf unit. It must be one at a time, in putting up the half-upright shelves then, measure-up your EKBY JARPEN length to get the exact measurement for the next half-upright shelving.

Now, you are ready to attach the STOLMEN 2 door cabinet unit to the wall provided by its sets of screw. I recommend to use a spirit-level and MUST be another person or two to assist you in attaching it to the wall or if it’s only you just get a set of block stand as a support to your STOLMEN cabinet in your desired height.

If your EKBY JARPEN is gonna be too long just use a EKBY BJARNUM bracket for the EKBY JARPEN extension then you’re good to go. The STOLMEN shelf white W110xD50 or STOLMEN W55xD50 shelf will serve as a table desk but it will depend on how long you want to put your CSS Shelving, in this case 110 cm and 55 cm. Then to support it, you need a EKBY RISET bracket for sloping wall to use it as a bracket. I managed to choose this, because I want to sit it securely to the edge of the STOLMEN shelf and to the Upright shelves. Good luck to all!

~ Arnel Angeles, Australia