HULTET bamboo dish wall clock


Materials: HULTET Bamboo plate, VATTNA wall clock, cable binder, acrylic paint

Description: First of all, this is not my own hack – I got the idea from here.

But in the original hack there were no instructions, so I thought a more detailed description might help you. Also want it to be seen 🙂

You’ll need a HULTET bamboo plate (~7€)and a cheap clockwork (I bought the VATTNA wall clock, because it was on sale (~2€).

Things to consider:
1. the length of the bolt, on which you fasten the nut (so the clockwork doesn’t fall out) has to me a little thicker than the bamboo plate.
2. Both clock hands have to be bendable, so you can match the plate’s shape.





How to build:
1. Drill a hole in the center of the plate, size should match the bolt of your clockwork.
2. Position the clockwork and bring on the borders. I used some rest wood and sawed it appropriately. Fix it with screws to the bamboo plate, but choose them carefully, so they don’t come out on the other side!
3. Attach the middle part of the cablebinder as a hanger and fix it somehow (see the picture how I did it).
The two knobs at the bottom are for stability, I made them out of synthetic cork (wine bottle).
4. Paint the plate as you like 🙂
5. Bind the clock hands according to the shape of the plate.
6. Assemble the clockwork and enjoy 😉

~ Sergej Koala, Germany