Malm Bed Diagonal Filler Piece


Materials: Malm Bed, 78cm Lack coffee table, 2 Adils Legs. Table saw, drill, screws, screwdriver

Description: Placing a large bed along a wall you tend to create an aisle around it. If instead you place it diagonally on a corner, and four triangular spaces are created, including one behind the bed. This hack need needed to create a removable filler piece behind the Malm queen size bed to make a large platform with hidden storage space underneath. The same technique would also work on a king size bed.

1. Take the top of the 78cm LACK coffee table and saw it diagonally corner to corner.

2. Saw off enough from each corner so the two triangles fit the width of the bed.

3. Using plastic anchors screw three of the Lack legs into the back of the Malm headboard to form a ledge for the tabletop to rest on.





4. Install the Adils legs to the square corners to support the back point.

5. Saw the middle shelf of the Lack coffee table to be a square to fill in the remaining space.

6. Screw the included shelf brackets into the table top and wall.

Everything simply rests in place so that it can be removed to get at the storage space behind the bed

~ Daniel Nolte