Shortened LILLÅNGEN children’s shoe rack


Materials: LILLÅNGEN End unit, white, Article Number: 902.066.57
Description: I was looking for a compact shelf to store children’s shoes in a small corner. LILLÅNGEN end units had the perfect size of 19×19 cm, but not enough shelf space because the individual shelves were arranged too widely in the units with adequate height. Therefore, I decided to cut the original LILLÅNGEN (height 179 cm) to about half of its height and to redistribute the remaining shelves. The tricky part is to drill or re-use the right holes for the right shelves (there are three types). Also make sure to evenly distribute the shelves (unless you have other requirements).
The step-by-step instructions are:
1. Start assembling the original LILLÅNGEN, but only put the two shelves at the top and in the middle
2. Mark where to cut (I decided to cut right below the middle shelf), disassemble and cut LILLÅNGEN
3. Start assembling again by putting back the original top shelf, but upside down to get a nice screw-less surface at the top (depends on how you will use the result)
4. Put the original bottom shelf where the middle shelf was (the new bottom). Some holes can be re-used, some need to be drilled new.
5. Put the shelves that are fixed with screws from the side. One shelf can be put in its original place, the others require new holes. Decide where to leave space for the two shelves that will finally cover the holes for wall mounting.
6. Prepare the holes and screws for the shelves that can be removed when the complete LILLÅNGEN is already in place. Those shelves hide the screws that are used to fix LILLÅNGEN to the wall, so put those where you need them.
7. Mount LILLÅNGEN to a wall and install the last two shelves.