Open Baffle Loudspeakers: DIY IKEA hack

These loudspeakers are simply made of NUMERAR countertops 126 x 62 cm with 38 mm thickness.


My speakers were cut with a CNC router. It is also possible to make it with a handheld router. The stand is fixed with screws. They are 55 cm on the widest and 120 cm high.

DIY Open Baffle loudspeakers
DIY Open Baffle loudspeakers

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The concept is Open Baffle loudspeakers. It has no box. And that’s the genius. Almost all loudspeakers have more or less a “boxy sound”. Even those who cost +10.000$. An open baffle gives an open sound. Very open. The downside is that you need at least twice as big woofers to achieve the same amount of bass. They deliver bass down to 35-40hz, not like a subwoofer, but still with punch and slam that few other speakers can compete with.

This is not so common in the commercial market. Some manufacturers have products like this and they are very expensive. For example, Jamo.

The drivers are from Eminence and Tang Band. You also need to design a crossover.

DIY Open Baffle loudspeakers

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As a hi-fi freak, I am very satisfied with this solution. 3 pcs of IKEA NUMERAR countertops. High-quality bass, midrange, and tweeter drivers. A DIY crossover. And voilà, app 1700$ in parts and I got 95% of the sound of a 17.000$ speaker (compared to Norwegian prices)

~ by F eks Hans, Norway

Jules Yap