Sliding Galant Desk on a big Expedit Composition


The aim of this project is to have a big shelf with a sliding desk for having more space in the room when kids don’t study.
You need:
2 Expedit shelving unit 2×2 boxes (801.352.98)
1 Expedit shelving unit 5×5 boxes (002.086.46)
many Expedit drawers (for example 902.049.36) and doors (for example 001.982.04)
1 Besta rail for sliding doors 180cm (901.058.37)
1 Galant desk with T legs (chose the model you like… in my pictures a 120x80cm)
4 wheels (with brake) at a DIY store
A drill, a hummer and a saw.

1. Assemble the 2 Expedit 2×2 units without their top panel

2. Fix with a pencil (or a pin) the holes of the 2 little 2×2 Expedit top panels on the 5×5 top panel

3. Drill the 5×5 top panel and assemble it on the 2 little 2×2 Expedit shelves (without their original top panel)

4. Cut 1-2 cm of the Besta rail with a saw and fix it on the top 5×5 panel with its screws

5. Disassemble the 5×5 top panel from the 2 little 2×2 shelves and mount the 5×5 Expedit shelf
(I like to change some modules to make a little different shelf and to personalize it)

6. Assemble the 5×5 shelf on the 2 little 2×2 shelves after drilling the side panels and putting wood screws between the 2×2 shelves and the 5×5 shelf

7. Replace the original Galant desk feet with 4 wheels

8. Drill 2 or 3 holes on the depth of the Galant desk to screw 2 or 3 little wheels (boxed with Besta rail)

9. Find the exact height of the T-legs of Galant desk to put the little wheels inside the Besta rail

10. complete the shelves as you like with Expedit drawers and doors

Gerardo P. -Foggia, Italy-