Upside down work lamp as a bedside lamp


Materials: Forså and Lack shelf

Description: We had two set of PAX wardrobes in our bedroom side wall but we wanted to do something different. We decided to use straight timber panels and put the PAX wardrobes one each side of the bed.

The space between the wardrobes and bed was so narrow that we didn’t want to put lights on nightstands. Instead we used two Forså work lamps attached to Lack shelf above the bed. And it worked even better than we thought.



First you need to take the metal weight out from the base of Forså. There’s one nut under the base that holds the weight and lamp together. Use ratchet to get it of.

Then drill three holes to the base and three holes to the Lack shelf in the same pattern as you drilled the base. Attach the lamps to the shelf with long enough bolts, wingnuts and washers.

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~ Kun Itse, Finland