“Where can I put all my ink pads?” holder

ink storage1

Materials: Benno dvd tower, nails, hammer

Description: iIreally needed somewhere to store all the ink pads I use while crafting (mostly stamping/card making). I was redoing my craft room and looking for ideas for storage and organizing. I saw the Benno DVD tower in Ikea and had an idea that if I turned it on it’s side, I could move the shelves and use it for my ink pads.

ink storage2

So I got it home and put it together. I kind of didn’t think about the fact that the shelves just sort of “sit” on the little pegs you place in the holes. So when the tower is turned on it’s side, there aren’t really any pegs the shelves can sit on. So I did a little measuring, got a hammer and some nails, and made a more “permanent” way to attach the shelves. Thus, turning them into little cubby holes for my ink!

See more of the Benno cubby hole storage.

~ angie/shuggy