Wrapping papered RAST drawer


Materials: Rast, chest of 3 drawers

Description: What you need:

– an Ikea rast chest of 3 drawers.
– wrapping paper.
– wall paper adhesive.
– ANILINE DYE Water Soluble, in brown. But you can use any other wood dye.
– water varnish, clear, satin.


1. Cut the wrapping paper with the drawers front and top surface shape.
2. Dye all but the drawers front and top surface.
3. Glue the pieces of paper to each place. When it is dry apply 3 layers of varnish to each paper surface.
4. varnish the whole chest drawer. Depending on you if you want to aply a second layer.

And that’s it!!! I hope you like it.

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~ mudgardens

Jules Yap