3D Frame inside EXPEDIT 2×4


Materials: EXPEDIT 4×2

Description: Here’s my first Ikea Hack. I have removed some lower parts of the Expedit(2×4 sized) to fit my Washing machine, but since I’ve removed the bottom part I had to use the cross-brace(OBSERVATO–R) behind the Expedit to strengthen the structure.

Then I decided to put a 3D picture frame inside one of the Expedit sides. But it does not end here. I’ve made 8 holes in the upper/inner part of the 3D picture frame and installed 8 white LEDs, then linked them to a button switch beneath the shelf that hold the mirror doors.


Remember that the Expedit is empty in the middle part, actually not really empty. It has hexagonal structure made out of cardboard/paper like most of the light house doors are made. So you can cut inside and remove the needed part of the hexagonal cardboard.

Since I’ve used 4 AA batteries, the Expedit has no cables visible outside, they are all inside. This way it looks perfect!

~ Miljan Bojovic, Bergamo, Italy

Jules Yap