Materials: EXPEDIT 4×2, LEDBERG, 19mm Anti-Vandal switch button.

Description: Here’s my second Ikea Hack. I’ve decided to add a button on top of the Expedit to turn on/off the LEDBERG led bars. As you can see in the pictures there’s just a button switching on and off my LEDBERG lights inside the Expedit(4×2).


To achieve this I had to make 4 holes on the top part of the Expedit, which is the only part I have modified and put a some wires inside.

So the holes I did are as follows:
1 Hole for the switch button 19mm.
1 hole for the power cables behind the expedit, 14mm is enough.
2 holes to let the cables go inside the top part and end inside the 2 rooms enclosed with glass shelves and power the led bars, 8mm.

The images tells the story better than I do so look at them. The very difficult part is letting the cables go inside the small holes, but if you want to do it, buy the fish tape/rod which is the tool to lead cables inside the house walls, it’s used by electricians.

~ Miljan Bojovic, Bergamo, Italy