IKEA Kajuta – remove the lamp cables


Materials: IKEA Kajuta & Wirefreelight

Description: Lamp cables always disturb the overall look.
It gets much improved if the cables could be removed in some way.

IKEA Kajuta is simple to modify:
A) Snap out the lamp holder and cable.
B) Place the Kajuta over a wireless LED light.

The wireless LED lights get the power from a wall adaptor going to a “magic” power plate hidden under the table with adhesive putty. One plate shall be placed under each lamp. The lamps have no batteries. They get all their power from the “magic” plates under them.

It took me just some minutes to stick up the plates under the table, plug in them to a box and Ta-da, turn on the lamps, now free of visible cables!

The light is not as strong as with a high power light bulb, but is perfect for a good looking mood light.

I bought them at AC Gears (link no longer available).

~ Mike