Lack Hat Stand


Materials: Lack end table, Besta legs, drill, adhesive, 1/4 inch lag screw with fender washer, 2 packages each of Blecka and Bjarnum hooks

Description: None of the standard Ikea hat stands are in the beech color that is the primary finish in this room so one was created using a single Lack end table.

1. Because the center of the Lack table is hollow it is necessary to through bolt it and have a fender washer to distribute the load on the back side.


2. Besta legs will work fine on a Lack table if you enlarge the hole just a little.

3. The Lack table legs are screwed together using the normal hardware and a little mastic. The Bjarnum hooks are screwed in pairs on opposite sides of the post spanning the connection between the leg parts to give extra strength to the otherwise slightly wobbly connection.

~ Daniel Nolte