Lyrik girly make up

lyrik hackeraggio

Materials: Lyrik

Description: I had to buy a chandelier for my baby daughter’s room. Well chandeliers for bedrooms, as they call them, are very expensive, a real madness, I haven’t found anything under €100.00: that’s really crazy!

So I went to Ikea and found Lyrik: diameter 50 cm cost €29.99. Here we are, I thought, nice price. I purchased it and, once mounted, it seemed a bit … bare. And so I decided to personalize it, I mean. The purple color was necessary, as baby’s room has walls of this color: I love it! I bought some satin ribbon 5 cm high, matching big buttons and I started doing the “rosettes” that I put in corresponding with the existing fake buttons;  on these I sewed the colored buttons that I had bought. Finally, I sewed around the edge of the internal diameter a colored ribbon: finished .