Pimp my Glimma!

portacandeline con swarowsky

Materials: Glimma and Tindra

Description: Do you know those beautiful, beautiful candle holders that are studded with Swarovski crystals on the edges? Beautiful, aren’t they? And just as expensive …

I had bought  Ikea’s glass candle holders Glimma, 12 for € 2.00 and scented candles Tindra, 36 for € 2.50. I found on the market stalls some crystals (clearly not Swarovski!) of different colors that were matched with the scented and colorful candles Tindra, and which according to the seller, might be used to decorate the car (?? Really!!?) at € 0.50 the sheet.
Well, once collected these things, it was easy: I glued the crystals on the glass walls of Glimma,  changing the order of colors. I love the result that I got! And at € 0,25 each, even better!