6 hacks that show how well MONDRIAN goes with IKEA

So you like Mondrian? Here are a few IKEA hacks inspired by his art form.


Giovanni’s Mondrian LACK side table

This is Giovanni’s version of the LACK side table, using Mondrian’s famous grid.

A MONDRIAN art inspired LACK side table

He used tape strips for black stripes and adhesive vinyl for colored parts.

LACK side table upgrade

LACK side table upgrade

Cristina’s Mondrianization of the EXPEDIT

Mondrian Expedit

This “Mondrianization” was done to EXPEDIT units but can also be done to the new KALLAX or to almost any piece of furniture. Cristina added doors to the EXPEDIT unit and then grid lines to the doors. The art of Mondrian is perfect for the boxy EXPEDIT. See the tutorial.

Lee does a Mondrian-Mosaic

Mondrian mosaic

Lee used mosaics to formed the grid style of art on a LACK coffee table. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. More.

Anat’s smart grid of shelving

Mondrian style library

Anat used LACK shelves and the colored TUTEMO open cabinets (from the kitchen range) to configure a library for his many books and collection of old records. Besides holding loads of stuff, it also has an amazing modern Mondrianesque vibe. Read more.

Brian’s gorgeous grid media station

Mondrian media stand

Brian pulled out all stops for his version of a Piet Mondrian/ Mid-century modern inspired EXPEDIT media stand. The grid lines and colored squares are all hand painted. The EXPEDIT unit is then sandwiched between 2 Aspen boards. See the full tutorial.

Rob & Hannah upgrades the JEFF

mondrian inspired IKEA jeff chairs

Rob and Hannah thought the two plain and simple foldable JEFF chairs they had sitting in the garage for the longest time could do with a splash of colour! They laid out a simple Mondrian style pattern in masking tape and sprayed on the blocks of colour. Click to see how it’s done. (The JEFF chair is discontinued, but you can do a similar upgrade on a FEJAN outdoor chair)

What about you? Are you planning to Mondrian your IKEA?