Stranne Jellyfish Lamp


Materials: STRANNE, BLANDA BLANK, some cables, luster terminals, pliers, screwdrivers, wire strap

Description: I was bored of looking at my STRANNE floor lamp. It looked great at IKEA, but I could never find a decent place in any of my rooms – so I decided to dissemble it.

Since those wired LED tubes are like tentacles I grabbed a BLANDA BLANK bowl to make it look like a jellyfish. I was only fooling around, but it turned out to look great!


I made a hole in each bowl, pulled through a cable and used luster terminals and wire strap to fix the tubes/tentacles underneath the bowl. Et voilà! My new STRANNE Jellyfish ceiling-lamp was born.

~ Gerrit Fries, Ruhrort, Germany