Triangular Lack Side Tables with Malm Bed and Integrated Dioder Lights


Materials: Lack end tables, Dioder strip light, table saw, toggle switch

Description: The Malm Bed in this room had been placed on a diagonal. Leaving a couple of triangular spaces where end tables would be.

In addition it was wanted to have the side tables to look a bit more built-in to the bed.

Finally there was a thought to have built-in LED light strips along the underside of the bed. However we wanted to have a conveniently located switch so that they could be easily turned on, for example, when needing to go to the bathroom during the night.

1. Trim off unwanted corner of Lack table top.

2. Trim two legs of each table to the height of the Malm Side rail, using the bed itself as a guide.

3. If there is a concern with the short legs sliding off of the Malm side rail partially put a screw in the side rail. Remember that once sawed the leg will be a hollow tube.


4. Install the toggle switch and use part of the sawed off table leg to fill in the triangular shape between the headboard and wall. Note that by doing the lights this way only one dioder transformer was needed for both sides of the bed and the switches were on the low voltage side, reducing shorting and insulation worries inside the table.

~ Daniel Nolte