Why hasn’t my hack appeared?

You’ve submitted a hack and wondered why it has not appeared on the site? Well, if you have done so via the submission form – it could have been because:

1) the photos sizes were too large (photos should be 500 – 1000 px WIDE only and no more than 320KB each). Photos that are too large won’t get through.  Please resize large photos.

2) you gave too brief a description or no description of your hack. (we prefer step by step instructions)

And I cannot publish the hack without the photos or instructions.

However the form does not capture your email address (yes, duh! we’re fixing that now) – so I wasn’t able to get in touch to request for the photos or additional info. So do please resend your hack to my email: ikeahacker [at]  gmail [dot] com in the following format:

Title of your hack*: Be creative, descriptive

Materials and tools: Name of Ikea item used, etc

Description of your hack*: Step-by-step instructions so others can replicate the hack

Link to this hack: If necessary, optional

Your email address*:

Your name*:

Your location: (optional)