Aged in an Hour


Materials: Ordning Utensil Caddy, Modern Masters “Metal Effects” paint and patina

Description: My old stereo speakers were a lil’ too silver for me, so I decided to “age” them a bit for that “Vintage Industrial” look.

Since I had the paints out (Modern Masters “Metal Effects” reactive paint and patina solution) I decided to make a candle holder out of my old ORDNING Utensil Caddy.

I put bumpons on some cardboard so the caddy could resting above the work area.

I used a combination of the Iron, Bronze, and Copper reactive paints. I brushed them on, and went over again with a sponge.

I waited the few minutes the instructions said and than sprayed on the rust activator, than the blue patina activator.

candle 3-794872

I then sprayed on a matte finish sealer.

Add candle and . . . (O:

~ Michael McCleary, Myersville,MD