American Flag Karlstad Ottoman


Materials: Karlstad Footstool, American flag (Updated 13 Nov. Please do not use an actual flag for this hack. See this), drill, velcro strips, button kit, upholstery needle, fabric for bottom section, staple gun, scissors

Description: 1. Get a Karlstad Footstool from IKEA – no need to purchase the cover. I got mine from the discount area because there was a foot print on top of it.
2. Get an American flag – I went to AAA flag and got their 100% cotton flags. Most are polyester and would look terrible. Get the 5×7, 4×6 is not big enough… I tried.
3. Staple gun the flag tightly around the top cushion. Then staple your alternative fabric around the bottom cushion.
4. Measure out where you want your buttons/tufting to be and draw marking dots on the underside of the top cushion. Then take your drill and drill as far through the cushion as you can, this will make it easier to tuft.


5. Use some flag scraps and a button covering kit to create some buttons for the tufting.
6. Using a long upholstery needle, pull the buttons through and staple gun the ends to the underside of the cushion.
7. Use the velcro strips to secure the 2 cushions together.

~ Keara, Los Angeles


Jules Yap