Floral Nordmyra Chair Makeover


Materials: Nordmyra Chair, Fabric, Mod Podge, Scissors, Xacto Knife, Spray Paint

Description: After a while I tend to get bored with the furniture that I have — just like I did with the bland white Nordmyra chair. I’ve had it for a few years and decided that now was the right time to give it a makeover.

Photo: IKEA.com

To start, I took apart the pieces, then spray painted the back/bottom (the outside areas) of the white pieces with Krylon Pumpkin Orange spray paint. I chose to leave the original wood colored leg pieces alone.


I used the pieces as a general side guide to cut a slightly larger piece of fabric for each of the pieces.

Then, I spread a layer of matte mod podge on each remaining white surface using a sponge brush (the interior areas, the part that will touch you when you sit on the chair) and spread the fabric over it, pressing down and smoothing out any bumps, air bubbles, and imperfections with my hands, then i poured a bit more mod podge on top and used the sponge to spread it over the fabric.

Let them dry overnight, and cut the extra fabric using an Xacto knife, right at the edge of the pieces. Used a bit of medium grain sand paper to sand out any imperfections on the edges, didn’t need much in this case. Then I reattached the pieces, and voila!

~ Erica Baker, Indiana

Jules Yap